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Candidacy Announcement!

Hello GEO,

We’re happy and proud to announce our candidates for this year’s election. We have two spots on the organizing committee, and six people have nominated themselves to run–it’s looking like it’s going to be a great election season.

If you want to view the list of candidates, view the file here. We’re also going to have 3 copies in the office at all times.

Voting will occur October 7th through October 10th in the GEO office in Quinn-02-081. Voting will be open to all dues-paying members between 10am and 7pm. We will have ballots and authorization forms in the office if needed, as well as the copies of the candidate list.

Additionally! We will be throwing our joint GEO-GSA Fall Party on October 16th, 7pm, at the Harp and Bard in Dorchester. While there, we’ll celebrate the semester as it’s gone so far, celebrate solidarity, and celebrate those who ran in and those who won the elections.

Happy campaigning.

Health Insurance, Information Sessions, and a Summer BBQ

The Graduate Advocate, July 1st

In case you haven’t yet heard the news…

The overall cost for the Student Health Insurance Plan is going up approximately $400 in Fall—from $2180 up to $2540. Additionally, for Graduate Employee–the University covers a percentage of our health insurance premium… but how much they cover is hard-capped at a $ amount. Every dollar of this hike is over that cap. The University is not paying a cent more… the raised charge falls completely on our shoulders. Full-time Graduate Assistants used to pay $400.

Next year, we will be paying nearly $800. For many students, that new $400 charge could go to one person’s groceries for more than eight weeks. How did something like this happen? How did it happen with so little warning? There are a lot of questions. We might have some answers for you.

On Tuesday, July 16th, at 4.00pm, in ISC 4300, the GEO is hosting an information and question session. Come join us with any and all concerns you might have.

For many students, that $400 Health Insurance charge is the price of groceries for one person for more than eight weeks.

On Tuesday, July 16th, at 4.00pm, in ISC 4300, the GEO is hosting an information and question session for graduate assistants to attend with any and all questions they might have. We’ll review the contract, your rights as a Graduate Employee on this campus, and discuss the upcoming bargaining session. But the upcost of the Health Insurance Premium has sparked this meeting… so bring any question or concern you have. We’ll see what we can do.

Afterward, we’ll be holding a BBQ at the Fox Point Pavilion to round off the evening and survive the leftover heat.

RSVP: Visit our Google Form here, or visit our Facebook Event here.

Come join us on the 16th. If you can’t make the information session at 4pm, come to the barbecue between 6 and 8. We’re happy to answer questions between bites.

The Graduate Advocate

Winter Semester And Office Hours

Hi everyone!

This post is a quick update to keep you informed as to GEO’s availability over winter semester. While we will not be regularly in the office, we are always happy to meet; if you need us for anything, please, email us at We can come in to meet you, discuss things over the phone, or by email.

Regular office hours will resume and be posted as we approach Spring Semester.

To all of you from us at the Organizing Committee; have a happy new year, merry tidings, and, to whatever holy days you may observe – whether you’ve already observed them, are observing now, or have yet to do so – we wish you the best of celebrations.

Best wishes,

The GEO Organizing Committee