Membership Dues

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What are Union Dues? 

GEO Members pay Union to cover the costs of administration of representation, Graduate employees who pay dues are eligible to vote in elections, ratify contracts, and serve on the GEO Committee. The current dues are set to 1.79% of your taxable income.

What is the the Registration Fee? 

There’s a $25 registration fee for joining the GEO for the first time. Both the $25 registration fee and the 1.79% union dues will be deducted from your paycheck.

Why am I being asked to waive my FERPA rights?

As student employees, we have a dual role at the University. Employment information is available to all of the other unions on campus. However, the University uses FERPA as a way to classify us as students and deny us access to vital employment information about our bargaining unit. This makes it difficult for the Union to contact its membership. By waiving your FERPA rights, GEO gains access to your employment information, which is beneficial to us when we are negotiating our contract. GEO will never receive any of your confidential educational records.

How do I become a member? 

You can download the dues deduction form here and fill it out. We accept dues deduction forms and FERPA waivers in both digital and hard-copy! Email completed forms to us at, or come by the office to hand it in. If you have any questions, get in touch. We’re friendly!