Over the last few months, GEO and management have solidified ground-rules and begun the process of main-table bargaining. Management originally proposed a one-year extension of the contract with no change, which we turned down, as we could not see the rationale for it; later, however, we thought that a one-year extension would be good for membership if, and only if, it included a much higher health insurance waiver. We are waiting to hear back on management of this offer; it has been working its way through different offices since we first brought it up, and we have taken the extra time to work on impact bargaining proposals.

If we can get this one year extension, and if membership is willing to ratify it, it would give a large financial boon to those on the health insurance plan–the cost of which, for a full time GEO member, is now a thousand dollars a year. It’s more for those without a full time position. If management is not willing to accept this deal, then we will continue with main table bargaining as normal, seeking a three-year contract; we will be in it for the long haul, and likely will be bargaining until next year. 

Our platform for bargaining was approved last spring by membership. You asked us to focus on the following core ideas:

  • Increasing wages for all GAs
  • Increasing health insurance waivers
  • Eliminating extra fees and charges by making tuition waivers all inclusive
  • Increasing mental health and addictions counseling services 
  • Developing support for GAs with families
  • Providing family and medical leave policies for all GAs
  • Increasing transportation assistance for all commuters
  • Reducing student food insecurity
  • Providing student housing support
  • Removing winter pay gap
  • Improving support and protections for summer student-workers
  • Eliminating tuition for online and summer classes
  • Increasing student representation in campus decision-making

To endorse our bargaining platform, please sign up on our website: (https://geoumb.org/geo-umass-boston-bargaining-platform-2020-2023/)

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