Bargaining Platform 2020-2023

Show your support of our bargaining platform! Help the bargaining committee negotiate with the confidence they are representing all Graduate Assistants (GAs). Based on membership feedback, the committee proposes the following goals for the upcoming collective bargaining negotiations:

  • Increasing wages for all GAs
  • Increasing health insurance waivers
  • Eliminating extra fees and charges by making tuition waivers all inclusive
  • Increasing mental health and addictions counseling services 
  • Developing support for GAs with families
  • Providing family and medical leave policies for all GAs
  • Increasing transportation assistance for all commuters
  • Reducing student food insecurity
  • Providing student housing support
  • Removing winter pay gap
  • Improving support and protections for summer student-workers
  • Eliminating tuition for online and summer classes
  • Increasing student representation in campus decision-making

To sign the GEO UMass Bargaining Platform, you must be a salaried graduate student at UMass Boston–which usually means you are a graduate student with a Graduate Assistantship.

You can either download the platform here and turn it into the Union office (Quinn-03-081) during our office hours.

You can also sign it electronically by clicking here.