If you are interested in running for a position in our organizing committee, this is great news! We want to announce that we will run elections for two open positions (0.50 FTE) for the GEO Organizing Committee this Fall 2020. We have adapted the election process to take an online format. Elections will take place early in the semester for a quick start of said appointments. A 0.50 FTE appointment with the GEO could complement your 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, or 1.00 assistantship(s)! You can run for our organizing committee as long as you are a dues-paying graduate worker – a GEO member. 

This year elections will be done electronically. Therefore, we will be asking those who are not currently active-dues-paying members to consider signing up for membership early prior to voting. We also recommend that those who currently are or will become eligible for voting register for voting early as well. We will be sending details about the voter registration and nomination process, and more, soon. Stay tuned!

Here is the temporary election process schedule: (final dates to come with next announcement)

  • Tuesday, September 15th: Nomination and Registration period starts. 
  • Tuesday, September 22nd: Nomination period closes. 
  • Wednesday, September 23rd: Campaign period starts.
  • Tuesday, October 7th: Voting registration ends at 5:00 p.m. EST.
  • Thursday and Friday, October 8th and 9th: Voting!
  • Monday, October 12th: Results will be announced.

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