Brief Pre-Fall Update

The new semester is almost upon us. We’re delivering just a few quick updates before we hunker back down into Fall prep.

Parking: We know at some point for Fall semester the university is going to resume collecting parking fees; that said, specific information hasn’t yet come out, though it should be coming out from the university relatively soon. It is important to note that we signed an impact bargaining agreement in Spring that says the university must give two weeks of notice before resuming parking fee collection from GEO members.

Health and Safety (H&S) Bargaining: we’re in coalition with our union partners; we met with them on Monday to deliver our first proposals, which are all about ensuring and enforcing rules to keep everyone healthy. We’re presently waiting on them to get back to us with dates to meet again.

Main Table Bargaining: we are awaiting proposals from management that would entail a one-year extension at the benefit of reduced health insurance costs. We don’t know how much the reduction would be; our next main table bargaining meeting with management is on the 16th.

GEO Elections: due to COVID, we’ve had to overhaul our election process – and we still are. We plan to announce the self-nomination period next week once we iron out all details!

The Scholarly Support Fund: due to COVID, some of you asked if you could request SSF for things other than airfare, conference registration fees, and hotel bookings – because none of us are going to be traveling. We’re in discussions with the university about how to achieve this, but want to tell you now that SSF will be delayed, and applications will not open on the first day of the semester. Once we know more details we will let all of you know.

Stay safe out there,
The Graduate Advocate

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