The recent horrific ICE decision, followed with a recent executive order by Trump, is something that we have to fight. To that end, we have two actions organized by UAW.

First: we’re joining AFT, SEIU, and CWA in supplying supporting documents to the Harvard/MIT lawsuit opposing the recent Trump Admin/ICE attacks on international students and workers. To that end, if you are an international student: please send in your story as an academic worker through this link.
The deadline is 6pm today.

If you have trouble clicking the hyperlink, you can copy and paste the url here:

Some of the questions are required and ask for information about our local. That information is here:
Union Affiliation: UAW 1596
How many F1 members are in your local: Approximately 200
Second: Our comrades at HGSU-UAW are hosting an action this coming Monday. Join us to say #NoStudentBan and #NODeportations. Monday, July 13th, 12pm at the MA State House. You can view the flyer here.

We hope you’re able to stay safe and healthy in these difficult times. As always, you can reach out to us at, or reach out to us individually using our information below if that makes you more comfortable.

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