We have a message for Marty Meehan:

Save UMB!
Protect UMB!
Fund UMB!

Join UMass Unions from across the state in a day of action 
to protect our students, our health, and our jobs.  

We demand:

  • Save UMB: No cuts or layoffs!  Cuts and layoffs wreck our urban mission,  reducing staffing, teachers, and courses.
  • Protect UMB: Ensure a safe campus for all! Prioritize the health and welfare of all members of our community by protecting us from Coronavirus and police violence.
  • Fund UMB: Fund Classrooms not Cops!  Budgets are priority lists–put education above policing and surveillance.  

We are hosting A CAR CARAVAN PROTEST for JUNE 17TH at 11:00AM!

We’ll start with a rally at the Boston Teachers Union parking lot (180 Mount Vernon St., next to Bayside), then get in our cars to drive past the President’s office at 1 Beacon St. where we’ll meet a rally of fellow protesters and continue on to some fun and surprising destinations!  We will do a couple of slow-drive loops in loud and joyful celebration to get dear Marty to pay attention to our demands.

Don’t want to drive?  Join the stand out at 1 Beacon St to cheer on the car caravan!  You can hold signs and make a lot of noise.

Sign up to join the standout or the car caravan so we know you’re coming: 

If you’re interested in volunteering as a driver with someone else in your car, a photographer, a videographer, or a police liaison, please email Warren at

#NoCuts #NoLayoffs  #FundUMB#UMBSafe 
#NoCuts #NoLayoffs #FundUMB#UMBSafe

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