UMass Boston GEO-UAW 1596 stands in solidarity with protesters and demonstrators around the world calling for justice and an end to racial inequality and police brutality. The murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis PD has sparked a new wave of public outcry against the systemic racial oppression inherent in our country, and these protest have often seen violent or agitational police response. We condemn the continued violence of police against protesters. 

Students at UMass Boston have organized a protest to take place on campus later today at 5:30; the protest starts at campus center. We encourage that you show up. If we all speak as one, the state and country will have to listen.

The link to the FB event is here. 

Bring a mask, bandana, or other face covering.

Bring signs.

Wear black in solidarity with those who have been lost to police violence. 

Bring an instrument–including pots and pans–so we can make lots of noise!

Other information can be found on the facebook event page.

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