UPDATE / Parking Pass Cancelations

If you have not yet had your parking pass properly canceled or have not yet been reimbursed for your parking pass from March 15th onward, you may still have some steps to do. The university has done this entire process in a way that’s just uneven and painful for membership and we cannot understand why they won’t just cancel and reimburse.

The text below is copy and pasted directly from the email that went out from Human Resources. If you have not yet received a parking pass reimbursement from March 15th onward, or are still having your parking pass deducted, fill this out.

We are writing to remind faculty and staff of the campus process for cancelling parking passes, which may be found on the HR Website.  For a limited time, we will be amending the cancellation process to provide that cancellation requests received in HR by Thursday, May 7 will be processed retroactive to March 15.  Cancellation requests received after May 7 will be processed as of the start of the pay period in which they are received, in keeping with the standard policy.  

In order to cancel your payroll parking deduction please complete the Employee Parking Pre-Tax Payroll Deduction Form indicating that you would like to cancel your pass. Then email the form to hr@umb.edu. Please note, that all forms need to be submitted to HR by Thursday, May 7, 2020 in order to be considered for the limited time retroactive cancellation.

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