INFO / Townhall and Questions for May 14th

On Thursday May 14th the university is going to hold a virtual town-hall–we encourage all of you to attend to ask your questions about the finances of the university and get information, as that seems to be the topic at hand.

The deadline for the questions for the Town Hall is this Thursday. We encourage you to email any and all questions you have to… and in case you needed some, we’ve prepared a handful below.

  • “When does our new chancellor take charge and become the proper chancellor?”
  • “Are you taking money from reserves to pay for additional support to students during COVID? Why not?”
  • “How is the 13 million being paid to UMass Boston as part of CAREs being allocated?”
  • “What are you going to be doing to ensure the continuation of research on campus, considering how much money comes in from research projects and the common good they work toward?”
  • “Are you going to honor employment commitments made to incoming and continuing PhD and Masters degree candidates in the upcoming 2020-2021 academic year?”

We encourage you to send any of those questions, along with any of your own questions, for the townhall–again, send them to

The university is going to allocate time for questions after the town hall as well… so if you’ve got some more that you want to ask, you’ll have the time to do it.

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