As many returning students know, but new students are learning, it can take the University until the end of October to process waivers for tuition and health insurance. This makes it very hard for us to know what our account balance is at the Bursar’s office. We suggest making a small good faith deposit and then waiting to find out what your full balance is instead of paying what appears to be owing in September. A deposit is usually enough to have the school waive late fees, though we can assist if they do apply any to your account. Check out your WISER accounts over the next few weeks to see if your waivers have already been applied. The university has to apply all of them manually, and this process takes some time.  If you have questions, we are always able to help provide some answers. Email us at
For health insurance: you need to manually enroll in the health insurance plan if you do not have coverage from somewhere else and if you are on a ‘program fee’ or taking fewer than 7 credit hours. The WISER system is not well designed, so you must email Shirley Condon at the Bursar’s Office ( and ensure you are covered for the year. Remember that we also have a reimbursement for vision and dental up to 50%.

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