• After two months of meetings with the university, we re-evaluated the point of impact bargaining and came to the conclusion that management was using it to delay us from main-table bargaining, and to distract us from other issues.
  • The agreement we signed still offers protections for Spring GAs, and runs to the end of Spring semester.
  • We were also able to guarantee a pause on parking fees, pushed for the refunds that have come through, and got the optional statue-of-limitations delay for those who may need more time to complete their degree.
  • We got the university to agree to the voluntary CDC guidelines for on-campus GAs, and managed to ensure any left-over conference funds would be rolled into next year — and spent on members who were out money due to canceled conferences this semester.
  • As we shift away from impact bargaining, our focus will be to re-enter main-table bargaining with the university to get better language and protections in place for GAs–including everything we’ve talked about and been fighting for throughout early Spring before the pandemic hit.

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