Graduate Advocate: Solidarity with Graduate Students

Hi, everyone! Please attend an event to support fellow graduate students attempting to unionize at private universities all over Boston.

Solidarity with Graduate Students

Graduate Student Unions are forming all over Boston at private universities… and the administration of those universities are pushing back and denying graduate students important protections. Join the newest UAW Graduate Student Workers for a public hearing sponsored by Lydia Edwards, Boston City Councilor, regarding practices at the four private universities with campuses in Boston–Boston College, Harvard, Northeastern and Boston University–about their anti-union labor practices. Supporting our fellow graduate students is important, and what and how the campus administrations have fought against makes it easy to see why.

Boston College has not only refused to bargain with the Graduate Students despite rapidly growing support–but has academically disciplined student workers for exercising basic labor rights on campus.

Harvard is refusing to agree to basic workplace protections around harassment and discrimination–protections that are common in union contracts including contracts at Harvard.

The big four universities are out of touch with Boston values, and refuse to grant basic protections to student workers. We need your support at the hearing.

When:  June 27, 2019 from 5:30 to 8:00
Where:  Boston City Hall – Iannella Chamber, 5th Floor

Help us fill the room. To RSVP, visit:

For more information about the GEO and what we’re doing, read the text boxes below.

In solidarity,
The GEO Organizing Committee

Author: Warren Hinckle

Jack Owens is a union activist and writer based out of the greater Boston area.

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