Information About Parking Fee Increases

Hello GEO,

We wanted to clear up information about the new parking fees since they’ve already gone into effect starting January 1st.

We, as GEO members, will be paying student parking rates. If you go to the parking rates section of the University Website, you will be able to see these rates listed under Student Information ( The website lists the daily rates at both on-campus (West Garage, Lot D, Campus Center Garage) and off-campus (Bayside and other satellite) lots. There is also a short-term parking structure for the West Garage, as well as semester and multi-use passes. Semester passes can also be purchased through payroll deduction for GEO members. It should be known: with the current pricing schedule for semester passes, the semester pass will cost more than the multipass, unless you are coming to campus several days a week.

There is also important information for folks who purchased parking passes during the Fall of 2018. Because the rates listed are lower than the administration originally planned, students that purchased semester passes during Fall 2018 can have the difference reimbursed in a few different ways.

It is important to note that our contract states that if any other unit gets a better deal than us (the faculty union and both staff unions are still bargaining over parking) then we could reopen negotiations over parking even though our contract has been settled. Also, it is important to remember that interim chancellor Newman said in her last townhall meeting that if any additional revenue (such as money from the state or the UMass president’s office to cover some of the legacy and building debt) is received by UMass Boston, then the administration will lower these rates. If either of these things happen, anyone who has purchased a semester pass will get the difference reimbursed. Most importantly, if this happens, then we need to make sure that we hold interim chancellor Newman to her word.

We are still part of the parking coalition that includes PSU, CSU, GEO and undergraduate students fighting for affordable parking on campus. Make sure you pay attention to the emails we will be sending throughout the semester because even after all the contracts are settled, we will still be fighting hard to make this institution affordable and accessible for all of our community.

If you have any questions or want to get involved in the fight against higher fees and austerity on campus, please feel free to email us.

In solidarity,

GEO Organizing Committee

Author: Warren Hinckle

Jack Owens is a union activist and writer based out of the greater Boston area.

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