Elections for the 2015-2016 Organizing Committee

It’s time to cast your vote for new representatives on the GEO Organizing Committee next year!

Though the official election day is Thursday, April 30, for the first time, the GEO is offering early voting in order to better accommodate our members’ schedules. Starting on Monday, April 27, GEO Members may cast their vote to elect four new members to the committee. All votes must be cast in person, due to FERPA limitations.

We have five candidates to fill four vacant seats on the committee, so every vote counts!

Check out the voting info below to make sure you’re ready to vote next week.

When can I vote?

Monday: 12pm – 2pm, 3pm – 5pm
Tuesday: 11am – 4pm
Wednesday: 11am – 2pm
Thursday: 9am – 7pm

Where can I vote?

Union Office located at Quinn 02-081(A/B/C). We’re at the end of the catwalk past the library. The GEO is located in the second cubicle.

Who can vote?

All dues-paying members are encouraged to vote. Once you get to the GEO Office, we will look you up to make sure we have a record of your membership. However, because of FERPA, we don’t always have complete records, so you may be asked to show a recent paystub showing GEO dues on it (you can find your paystubs on HR direct) or you can fill out a new dues deduction form.

How does voting work?

All votes are anonymous. After we verify your membership, you will be given a ballot with the names of the five candidates. You will also be given a reference list of the candidates with their statements so that you can review what the candidates said. In order to vote, you just need to mark up to four choices for the four open seats. Ballots that have more than four selections marked will be discarded. Then just fold your ballot and drop it in the ballot box.

When will I know who won?

The new committee members will be announced at the GEO May Day Party on Friday, May 1. The party will [officially] go from 6:30-8:30pm at Savin Bar and Kitchen. The announcement will likely take place between 7-7:15pm.

Wait, so who are the candidates?

Candidates for the GEO Organizing Committee are: April Parsons, Emily Schkeryantz, Andjela H. Kaur, Chris Whynacht, and Lisa Hanson. Read their candidate statements here.

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