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This publication seeks to promote solidarity on our local campus community as well as among our peer universities. As a compilation of graduate student, union member, and ally voices, The Graduate Advocate serves as a place for you to share campus news, bring attention to higher education and graduate student employment issues, build a strong community of graduate employees and allies on campus, and provoke thoughtful discussion. The contents of this biannual publication include articles and photos about pay and benefits challenges at UMass, the graduate student experience, student debt, unionization in higher education, recent campus events, and any other issues that affect our community.

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Previous Editions can be downloaded and viewed below.

Fall 2018
Articles include:

  • The MT. Ida Purchase: How the UMass Boson System Sabotages the Public Good
  • People to People in Cuba: A Framework for Understanding the Other
  • A Parking Ticket We Cant Afford
  • The Janus Decision: A Spit in the Face from a Legacy of Hate
  • Solidarity in the Streets of NYC
  • At the Expense of Whom? How Attacks on our Centers and Institutes are Attacks on Our Urban Mission

Spring 2015
Articles include:

  • Why a deal is not a deal, according to “Boltin’ Bob” Caret
  • How I Used My SSF $: the APA Convention
  • New at UMB: School for Global Inclusion & Social Development
  • The 2014-2017 GEO Contract: What to Expect

Fall 2014
Articles include:

  • Mugged by Healthcare
  • Demanding Justice: Learning from Ferguson
  • Bargaining Sparks Protests
  • No Union Without Representation
  • UMass Amherst MFA Incident Points to Larger Issues
  • Recap: GEO Strategy Session

Spring 2014
Articles include:

  • Progress: Ensuring Timely Pay for Graduate Assistants
  • Parking at UMass Boston: Paying for Past Corruption
  • Adjunct Power in Boston
  • URBAN.Boston Event Aims to Eliminate Racism
  • College Football Players Qualify to Unionize
  • Recap: The Radical Thoughts Film Series
  • Forget “Minimum”: An Argument for a “Living Wage”
  • LRC Emphasizes Gender Equality in Construction
  • Transportation Trailblazers?

Fall 2013
Articles include:

  • What’s Up with the Air Quality at UMass Boston?
  • The Best Kind of Loan: The Interlibrary Loan
  • Union News
  • UMass Amherst Graduate Employees Protest Late Pay
  • Paychecks Marked Tardy for Graduate Employees
  • Op Ed: The “Useless” Degree
  • Recap: The Radical Thoughts Film Series
  • A Publication for Us!