PFML Email Template for UMB GEO Members

To: UMass President – Marty Meehan –

CC: UMB Chancellor – Katherine Newman –

CC: UMass Senior VP Student Affairs–Robert Gamache –

CC: UMass PFML Administrator – Jennifer Larsen –

Subject: Why are Student-Workers excluded from the PFML
Main Text:
This week, all of the employees at UMass are being notified that they are being enrolled in the state’s Paid Family and Medical Leave program. Why are student workers excluded?
As a student and an employee of UMass, I should have the same rights as all other employees. If I am hurt on the job, workers compensation will provide me with a salary replacement until I can get back to work. Why am I considered a worker if I am injured but not if I fall ill with a serious medical ailment?
I am calling on you to advocate on the behalf of student employees like myself. I hope you will lobby on the behalf of your students with Governor Baker and the Massachusetts Legislature. UMass could not function without student workers. We are the customers, the product, and the workers of our great institution. Without students conducting research, grading papers, and paying tuition – where would UMass be? You need to make the Governor realize that your student workers need the same protections as every other employee at UMass.
We also call on you to stand with your students who need support the most by putting an internal program in place to provide leaves to student workers immediately. Nothing prevents UMass from doing the right thing and creating a private program to support their student workers. If you are committed to UMass, you need to demonstrate this by being committed to its students.
Degree Type (e.g. Master of Fine Arts or PhD Biology)
Position (Research/Teaching Assistant)
Department Name, University of Massachusetts Boston