Past Organizing Committee Members

Charla M. Burnett (2016-2018)

As a scholar and practitioner in Global Governance and Human Security and co-founder of Refugees Welcome!, Burnett has been studying the intersection between migration, conflict, and resource management for over 8 years. She advises the Emerging Scholars and Practitioners in Migration Issues Network and was named one of Forbes’s 2016 Under 30 Scholars. A Sidney Topol Fellow at the Center of Peace, Democracy and Development, Burnett works with a network of international scholars and practitioners in the field of strategic nonviolence and civil resistance to reduce violent conflicts worldwide. She combines her skills in mediation, group dialogue, and facilitation; design community based decision models; and analyze geospatial data for Participatory Mapping projects. She uses GIS in an attempt to democratize the planning and management of key resources and thus reduce societal, political, and economic tension between groups. Her dissertation focuses on measuring the cost-effectiveness of public participatory processes in geospatial decision-making.

Program: PhD in Global Governance and Human Security

August Smith (2014-2016)

August joined the GEO Organizing Committee in 2014; his focus is on membership and media outreach. He currently holds an assistantship position with Hanging Loose Press, assists the teaching of an undergraduate creative writing class, and is pursuing his MFA in poetry.

Emily Schkeryantz (2015)

Emily is originally from Indianapolis and currently working toward her master’s degree in conflict resolution. Broadly, her research interests include identity formation among migrant populations and the use of liberation psychology in developing community-based mental health interventions.¬†Emily joined the GEO Organizing Committee in Fall 2015.

Andjela Kaur (2014-2016)

Andjela is second year student in doctoral program at the School of Global Inclusion and Social Development where she studies the relationship between disability and work, and rehabilitation counseling. Andjela is experienced rehabilitation counselor and a former adult education teacher and administrator. Curious about your experience as workers at UMB or elsewhere, she encourages all students to come and chat about work, disability, or both during her office at Quinn, in a hallway in between classes, or as you are chilling on the quad.